Which graph best represents the relationship between the velocity of an object thrown straight

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Create a top view of an object moving in a circle at constant speed, such as a ball on a string. Show at least two positions of the object. At each position, draw an arrow for the object’s velocity and another arrow for the centripetal acceleration of the object. Projectile Motion I found this information on page . SE, p. 59 RE, p. 38 ...

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Apr 01, 2007 · The answer is c as others have answered. However I thought the reason might be important to you. Kinetic energy is mass X velocity squared. Since mass is assumed to remain constant with velocity, this equation gives a parabola with the origin as the minimum, the x-axis (abcissa) is velocity and the y-axis (ordinate) is KE.

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The graph was not a straight line. The definition of instantaneous velocity. For any equation of motion s(t), we define what we call the instantaneous velocity at time t-- v(t) -- to be the limit of the average velocity, , between t and t + Δt, as Δt approaches 0. The instantaneous velocity is the value of the slope of the tangent line at t ... On a distance-versus-time graph, a straight line indicates that an object’s speed is zero. 6. Speed in a given direction is called velocity. Fill in the blank to complete each statement. 7. A speedometer shows the speed of a vehicle. 8. To describe an object’s motion, you need to know both its speed and its . 9. The speed of an object is found by dividing the total distance by the total time. A ball is thrown straight up at an initial velocity of 54 feet per second. The height of the ball t seconds after it is thrown is given by the formula = 54t — 12/2. How many seconds after the ball is thrown will it return to the ground? 4 C. 4.5 A cliff diver on a Caribbean island jumps from a height of 105 feet, with an initial upward

14 The graph below represents the motion of an object. According to the graph, as time increases, the velocity of the object 1 decreases 2 increases 3 remains the same 15 A wooden block is at rest on a horizontal steel surface. If a 10.-newton force applied parallel to the surface is required to set the block in motion, An object is thrown straight up with an initial velocity v 0.The graph represents the object’s vertical displacement as a function of time. Use the graph to the If a soccer ball is kicked straight up from the ground with an initial velocity of 32 feet per second, then its height above the earth in feet is given by s(t)=16t^2+32t where t is time in seconds. Graph this parabola 0<t<2.