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Guía: Cómo conseguir Volar en Legion (Parte I y II) /way 43.0 33.5 Tierras Altas Cazasangre /way 56.9 90.0 Cima Monte Alto /way 27.3 54.6 Pedestal del Vigía de la Noche

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Aug 26, 2020 · Yes and no. Each expansion is gonna have a hard cap level for max level players (legion is gonna be lv45, WOD 40, bfa 50, etc). The reason mobs/dungeons are scaling is because of chromie time, which is for characters that are not max level (levels 10-49 in a nutshell). World of Warcraft: Legion is coming soon. The guide below will give you the basic changes of pvp gear in the new expansion: Legion. Also, you can learn how PvP gear works in detail and how to get PvP gear in Legion. Changes of PvP gear in Legion. 1. Battleground and Skirmish victories will award gear similar to heroic level Dungeons - 825 2 ...

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