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Mar 26, 2019 · Blazor now has built-in form and validation. The default implementation uses data annotations and is a very similar experience to forms and validation in ASP.NET MVC applications. While it's great to have this included out of the box, there are other popular validation libraries available.

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HTML ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix Razor. A nugget that has remained partially hidden from view within the Web Pages framework is the HtmlHelper class.

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May 03, 2018 · Razor Pages is a new feature of ASP.NET Core that makes coding page-focused scenarios easier and more productive ... we will go over populating the database with data from a form on a web page.

Razor Page. This article describes how to configure the Telerik UI Button HtmlHelper for ASP.NET Core in a RazorPage scenario. The example below demonstrates how to pass antiforgery token when a Button is clicked. See the implementation details in the example below, and for the full project with RazorPages examples, visit our GitHub repository.