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SoftExpert APQP-PPAP. Product Planning / Production Process. Calculates process indices, including Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk, ZLSL and ZUSL. Allows for attachment of electronic documents such as CAD drawings, flowcharts, technical specs, and scanned documents to APQP processes.

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Is there adequate capacity to produce product? Does the design allow the use of efficient material handling techniques? Will the product be manufactured without incurring any unusual: Costs for capital equipment? Costs for tooling? Alternative manufacturing methods? Will ISIR/PPAP Timing be met per the identified program timing? Conclusion

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PQR / PPAP GUIDE. Teaching Aid Last Revised March 17, 2014. (SCARs are not addressed in this guide). PPAP Requirements are Based on the AIAG Blue Books. "Blue Books" (PPAP-4, APQP-2, SPC-3, FMEA-4, MSA-4, TS Rules-3) which are used by Polaris Industries can be purchased at...

All requested documents have to be sent in PDF format following the order of the items of this checklist. Specify in e-mail subject "PPAP + part number" to prevent mail to be lost. Chapitres Items Echantillons initiaux / PPAP samples A l'attention de: Fournisseur / Supplier Reference / Part Number Sonceboz SA Rue Rosselet-Challandes 5 CH- 2605 ... PPAP has to be approved by the customer by return of signed PSW prior to any serial delivery can take place. a. PPAP REFERENCE i. The supplier shall ensure that the PPAP documentation and samples are in accordance with the XXXX PPAP manual and requested PPAP level. ii. Gnotec requires that all suppliers following the customer notification and 2.0 Sample Requirements . 2.1 Sample product for PPAP shall be taken from a significant production run. A significant production run is defined as the following: a continuous eight-hour production run or a minimum of 300 manufactured parts, whichever comes first. This run shall be manufactured at the production site using the tooling, gaging,